Kristian McPhee

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Project Description

Kristian McPhee is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter, a British Champion, Two-time winner of the London & South-East, British U23 Championship and British Student Championship, he is training hard to improve his total and compete for Great Britain!

Kristian’s vision is for Beaches and Barbells to enable elite weightlifters of Britain to share their knowledge and experience on training holidays and seminars to help support their training and to help increase the level and numbers of participants in Olympic Weightlifting.

With 9 years experience in Parkour, Kristian brought a lot of power and strength into Olympic Weightlifting of which he originally got into in order to become even more powerful! Under the national  coach and 3-time Olympian Michael Pearman, Kristian has experienced and learnt from many coaches and therefore has an incredibly vast array of knowledge and skills. He recently coached a team of 8 from the Brunel Weightlifting Club, many of whom had never lifted before that year, to win the 2015 British Student Championship.

He is a British Weightlifting Tutor and Level 2 Coach, certified fitness instructor and ADAPT Parkour Coach Level 2.

Kristian supervises the Beaches and Barbells coaching program as well coaching himself.