James St Leger

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Project Description

James St Leger qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2011 and as a CrossFit Coach in 2013. He has recently switched to a flexible working pattern to peruse his passion in the fitness industry, where since 2007 he has served as a Firearms Officer and acted as Health and Fitness advisor for his unit.

James’ accolades within the fitness industry are spread over multiple sports. In his youth he was a Regional Champion + National level Swimmer whilst also playing Rugby for Bristol. He is an undefeated MMA cage fighter, a weightlifting World Record Holder and a National Endurance Lifting Champion – the latter landing him sponsorship with one of the country’s leading Sports Supplement brands, Grenade.

James has also had a lot of experience and success in CrossFit, having competed in various National CrossFit Competitions, including Divided We Fall and Strength In Depth. He has placed 5th in the Rhino CrossFit Championships in America, 9th in one of the biggest UK/European competitions, The Athlete Games, and 6th in the World Police and Fire Games in L.A. James also qualified for the 2018 CrossFit Games Regionals.

When it comes to coaching, one of James’ biggest attributes is his patience and attention to detail when training clients. One of which, a female powerlifter new to the sport, qualified for the Nationals in a little less than a year. This didn’t happen by chance, but as the result of application of his knowledge that he has gained over the years. Throughout his years as a swimming teacher, James thrives off the development and progress he sees on an almost weekly basis, and this is no different in his exposure to CrossFit. He is a firm believer of mobility and form, and says ”once you can move correctly, the rate at which you will gain strength and stay injury free is 2nd to none. Look after your body now, and it will look after you later in life”.

We are proud to have such a talented and experienced coach on our team at Beaches and Barbells!