Emily Godley

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Project Description

Age? 26

Home town? Dartford

How did you get into Olympic Weightlifting and when did you start? Around 2008. I was a Pole Voulter and did some weights and did some weights for my conditioning training. The Keith Mordan my weights coach suggested I change sports. I did a competition for the club and decided it was actually quite fun! The rest is history!

What are your achievements in the sport and Personal Bests? 93, 115 at 63kg, 94, 120 at 69kg. Finishing 5th at 2014 CWG and finishing 6th at 2016 European Champs.

How often do you train? About 7 times a week.

What are your aims? Win some international medals.

Why Beaches and Barbells? Because is there any better combination?!! Everyone loves a barbell and everyone loves a beach! Win win!

Any Comedic fails/bails in training or competition? Go running with the bar overhead quite a lot. It’s character-building!

Favourite thing outside of training? Chocolate

Beach or barbell? Hmmmm barbell. On the beach.